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The actual hardware that I run archlinux on is not important really but I guess it does at least complete the picture if you know what hardware I am using.

I use a laptop computer, I do not own a desktop computer any more, they take up too much room and use too much electricity. I realised I could do just about anything I needed to as easily on a laptop computer as on a desktop computer.

The laptop is a HP G62 XF452EA#ABU
CPU is core i3 M370 @2.4GHz
It has Intel & ATI graphics but I don’t use the ATI graphics.
It is fast and quiet and I am very happy with it.

I also have a Advent 4211 notebook computer and I have archlinux installed on that.

I just recently bought a Raspberry Pi and I have archlinux ARM running on that.
My wife has her own laptop computer as well and I maintain archlinux
on that for her.